Sunday, 30 October 2011

Readalong-Winter's Tale

I'll be co-hosting my first read-along with a friend of mine. myfriendamy who introduced me to the world of book-blogging. We'll be reading the book, "Winter's Tale" by Mark Helprin. Each week we'll write up a summary/review and pose some questions for our followers. I hope everyone gets involved.

Read-along Schedule

November 7th
Part I--A White Horse Escapes-Beverly

November 14th 
The rest of Part I

November 21st
Part II

November 28th
Part III

December 5th
Part IV and Epilogue

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Memoirs are made of This

Book: Memoirs are made of this
Author: Swan Adamson

I picked this book up in the under 10$ bin at chapters a few weeks ago since I was looking for a light read to keep me company on the bus rid to and from class. I found that it was really good and finished it in less than a week. The book basically talks about Venus's Gilroy attempt to put her life together after 3 marriages and divorces before the age of 25. She gets the opportunity to work as an assistant to this crazy Editor of Aura magazine. This is a sort of Devil-Wears-Prada on crack. She spends most of the novel trying to just keep her head above water and figure out who she is. She has no real desire to become some maven of the fashion world nor does she aspire to do so. The most telling aspect of this novel is how the writer depicts how people in positions of power abuse those who work for them. She details the abuse she basically gets from her boss and how she is so willing to take it until one day she cracks and can't handle it anymore. Much of the plot is ludicrous and highly unlikely to occur, but its the perspective of the relatable heroine that makes it well worth the read.

On a Scale of 1-10, I give this a solid 7.