Sunday, 16 September 2012

Talk of the town

A part of me is a little embarrassed to admit my love of romance novels, but they have been a part of my reading habits since I was a teen. While I enjoy the classics and YA, there is that part of me that still loves reading a good romance novel. Talk of the Town was an enjoyable read. It didn't deal with anything to heavy, but it's well written enough and covers all the typical cliches without running them through the ground. Roxie Tremayne decides to drastically change her looks after discovering that her divorce. She happened to catch her ex in bed with a man (the man was wearing her negligee). Her brother shows up and lets her know that their mother, the controlling Lilah Tremayne is ill, so they go back to their hometown of Glory, North Carolina. They bring along, Roxie's outspoken maid who may be the only one that can truly handle the ailing Lilah. On their way into town, they are stopped by Nick Sheppard (who also happens to be Roxie's ex). Nick is a former bad boy turned town sheriff. What makes this story interesting isn't the obvious romance between Nick and Roxie, but the group of oddballs that surround them. Nick's aunt clara and her murder mystery club which is really a gathering of elderly potheads. The group stumble upon what might be a legit murder. The dialogue will leave you in stitches and the murder mystery club is hilarious. There is nothing funnier than a group of elderly potheads addicted to CSI. They mystery subplot is nothing short of hilarious. The budding (or should I say continuing) romance is cute and is paralleled quite nicely by the one with the former Sheriff and Roxie's mother. Tundy is an excellent addition and the only person truly capable of handling the prickly Lilah. This is not a harlequin, but a well-written and smart romance. I definitely recommend it, if you're looking for something light to read. It's a great beach read.

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