Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Suits S3 Premiere

301: The Arrangement

Suits ushered in its third season with a bang, both literally and figuratively. The premiere was full of the usual twists and turns. It took us from backroom dealings to bedroom shenanigans. The dynamic at the law firm has been altered with the merger with Darby's British firm. 

We left off with Mike and Harvey at odds over his buckling to Jessica after she blackmailed him with the threat of exposure. Watching these boys be at odds was heartbreaking, but it made for some excellent drama. Harvey was on top of his game and as usual he had Donna in his corner (these two need to happen). He is a master at what he does, striking a deal when it seems impossible. Harvey has earned having his name on the door, but Jessica is unwilling to give him that kind of power. Watching these two bad asses go head-to-head at the beginning of the episode was amazing. She just glides into his apartment ready and willing to intimidate Harvey, but that's not how he plays things. He called her bluff and the ensuing back/forth is what makes suits what it is--a clever, well written show with excellent dialogue. The Jessica/Harvey scene isn't the only one that makes you want to rewind your dvr. The episode was full of scenes like this. 

One of the funniest moments of the night played out between Donna and Louis Litt. Her clever manipulation of him by having him color his face with a Hitler mustache had me rolling on the floor. This scene could have played as distasteful, but it was done in a subtle manner that highlighted that it was all in good fun. 

Other stand-out moments included the Mike and Harvey scene where Mike asks for forgiveness and Harvey is unable to give it to him because he was upset that Mike didn't come to him. It was about loyalty not winning. I totally understand Harvey's pov. All Mike had to do was go to Harvey and he would have had his back like he always does, but they also needed this to create some drama. I love the dynamic between these two. It really is the essence of the show. Mike is still trying to help him on the down low even using Rachel to help him distract Donna.

Speaking of Mike/Rachel---WOWZA. These two were super powerful this episode. Mike has a nightmare about Rachel outing him and this leads him to confront Rachel about what happened with them last season (um file room sex and secrets being revealed). He tells her that the bigger nightmare is not being with her. I had to aww in that moment. Such a cute, heartfelt moment. Rachel prods him to quit which he tries to do but he can't.. Towards the end of the episode, Mike tells her everything. How the whole situation rolled out the way it was and we see them in bed being super sexy. 

So basically this episode was full of awesome. I haven't even touched upon Ava--Game of Thrones Michelle Faraday who is a ball-busting CEO who gives as good as she gets. I recommend this. 

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