Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Twisted 107: We Need To Talk About Danny

Twisted Episode 107: We Need To Talk About Danny- Review

In this week's episode Jo's magical feelings go from like to love. After a lust-fueled dream of Danny kissing her shirtless, Jo has come to the conclusion that what she feels for Danny is not merely a crush, but full on love. Hold your horses, um when exactly did she fall in love? On the roadtrip where anyone with could notice the sexual tension brimming between Danny or Lacey or was it that awkward dance they shared at fall fest. I can understand falling for this boy. He's a good looking guy, but I feel like there has been zero build up to Jo's feelings for Danny. I suppose her obsession with his case and clearing his name could be construed as build up, but I felt like she went from this-is-my-friend-and-I-will-defend-him to -omg-I-love-him-he's-the-best.

Jo was definitely less annoying in this episode and I do feel bad for her. When she finds out that Danny does not in fact have the same feelings for her, its going to be. She also has been less angry and a lot softer this episode. I really wish they had just toned down her sense of entitlement early on and she could def be a girl the audience roots for. But, then you have Lacey who is having a very natural reaction to Danny. As far as that town knows, he is a murderer. She's not automatically warming to him and you can tell that she really wants to trust him, but he's not giving anything to her. But, she's a teenage girl and these two are brimming with lust.

 I really like how Lacey defended Danny against her douchebag boyfriend Archie. This was the first time you saw her really stand against the harsh comments directed towards Danny and it was definitely nice to see that from her because she can come off as a little cold because Jo has welcomed Danny with open arms. I really do not understand what Archie is thinking. Danny just got out of juvie for possibly murdering someone. In what universe is it a good idea to antagonize a murderer? Is he really that dumb?

I really felt like this episode definitely let you know that while Danny can be manipulative, he isn't a sociopath. Being falsely accused of giving his friend food-poisoning and thus being kicked off the team really got to him. It made him really grumpy and for once he wasn't using sarcasm to lighten the mood and deflect from his emotions.

I like Danny/Lacey and think they have really great chemistry, but making out on the grave of the woman he supposedly murdered his super sketchy. But, these two are really thirsty for one another. They definitely seem to be priming these two for a long arc (if the show continues) but they really need to be more choosy about where they choose to make out. then again, the very idea of a cemetery party was  bizarre.

Other highlights in this episode included Danny and Tess bonding over his problems with Lacey. I love that he pointed out that the girl was not Jo. Tess has been pimping them so hard that its like Danny needed to make sure Tess (and the audience) knew that Jo was his bestfriend and not someone he was interested in getting up on. This conversation led to Tess's face below when Jo confessed she loved Danny.

I think this is pretty much what we were all thinking. Awkward! It certainly will be when she finds out that Lacey has dumped Archie for Danny and is seeing him on the down low. I really wish Lacey would tell her bitchy friends to fuck off or be brave enough to say that she wants Danny in her life. The kids in that school are basically sheep and I'm sure they'd fall in line.

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