Thursday, 1 August 2013

Twisted 108: Docu-Trauma

108: Docu-Trauma

I know I'm late with this weeks review and I apologize. This episode was probably the best one since the pilot. So many things happened that kept me interested, but the main thing that I loved was getting more perspective on Lacey as a character. We discovered via her conversation with Jo that she had actually seen Tara's body. This explains a lot about her character and why she seems to have repressed what happened and had so much trouble with Danny's return. One of my favorite scenes this episode involved the friend-dynamic between Jo and Lacy. Up until this point, we were told about their friendship and I didn't really feel it. It was so nice to see them bonding. Lacey being sweet to Jo and trying to build up her self-esteem was so cute. I loved the way the girls were smiling and happy in that scene. They seem to get each other a lot more than they realize. I am not crazy about the love triangle aspect and rather they focus on the friendship between Danny/Jo, Danny/Rico and Lacey/Jo. I think there is a lot of potential for character driven story there. While I felt awful for Jo, I am kind of glad that Danny mentioned that he saw her as a sister. No matter what happens next at least she won't be holding out false hope. But, her complete obliviousness to Jo's feelings is an interest contrast to what Danny is doing. Rico was a riot this episode. If he wasn't so funny, I might feel really bad for him. He's so funny with his reactions that I have no idea how Jo hasn't figure it out. I did like the little moment at the end of the episode with Danny and Rico. I agree with Danny, Rico should just tell her how he feels.

Now on to Tyler. Chris Zylka as super-douche strikes again. Don't get me wrong, he's very pretty. But, he's up there with Gray Damon in his complete inability to be likable. His setting up the pranks was kind of obvious since his random interest in Jo was not really believable. I do think its realistic for people to still see Danny as this pariah. I think Danny is trying so hard to just get his life back, but he really needs to understand the gravity of what he has done (or may not have done). The dudes with masks were so freaky I nearly jumped out of my seat. It was like the South-Asian version of Children of the Corn.

I felt like this episode really highlighted the fact that Danny can feel emotions. He was hurt by the Prank and he seemed to really care that Lacey wanted to keep them a secret (even though he should have understood how difficult the situation is for her). Also, Karen Desai for Mommy of the year. I love how she was willing to take the fall for her son even though she knows he didn't do it. She will do anything to protect her son and I can't disagree with her. But, the Captain---I mean Kyle probably won't believe her.

Speaking of awkwardness, I was relieved to discover that there wasn't that much . But, the fact that someone was taping Danny and Lacey is probably going to lead to awkwardness all around. I just hope its not used to slut-shame Lacey. There is enough of villanizing the black girl for being sexual on Scandal.

I have other thoughts, but I'd have to re-watch to point them out. I can't wait for next weeks episode. This show is definitely fun summer TV, but the fandom needs to clam their ass down.

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